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XterraFit Dynamic Fitness Cross-Training for Runners

How Dynamic Stretching Helps You Run Faster, Avoid Injury and Run More Efficiently. Research showed that well-trained runners run faster after a dynamic warm-up. In this 3-part instructor lead series held every 2 weeks, we will guide you through the fundamentals to Pre and post dynamic stretching.

XterraFit 1: Free one hour class limited to 30 participants.

Saturday, July 16th 12:30 PM @ Hot on Yoga, Colorado Springs

Why, What and How to use dynamic “stretching” to prep the neuromuscular system for activity.
  • Why: Injury prevention, Running Longevity, Peak Performance*
  • What: Focus on Foundation & General Mobility and Stability.
  • How: You’ll have to come see
Injuries are more likely to occur when muscles are too weak to slow down a movement (eccentric phase) than during concentric (shortening) phase. An eccentric contraction refers to the lengthening phase, in which the muscle succumbs to the imposed load. When running, this imposed load refers to a combo of body weight and Ground Reactive Forces (GRF). Our first meeting will focus on how the body prepares to absorb “ground reactive forces” upon impact. We will look at the foot as foundation, habitual placement patterns, and proper alignment to react to GRF for running longevity.

Objectives and Skill Development:
  1. Movement options and Range of Motion (ROM) at the foot and ankle.
  2. Awareness of Foot Strike Habits
  3. Interoception, Proprioception, Exteroception. The skill, or quality of mind, interoceptive awareness, has also been shown have pertinent implications for mind and brain health. (Mind & Life Institute Presentation on Yoga, Mindfulness, Neuroscience, and the Body: Getting to the Heart of the Matter).
    • Mind - Foot Connection,
    • Exploratory Perspective of Sensation and Holding Patterns.
  4. General Dynamic Stretch Routine that can be used as warm up/cool down.

*Eccentric contractions are metabolically much more efficient than concentric contraction (shortening), and also capable of generating higher forces to enhance performance. Our third meeting will focus on applying these principles reactively - using jumping and bounding, but first the foundation and proper alignment must be practiced before increasing the load/force.

Jordan Ciambrone, M.S.
Courses taught by Jordan of Mindset for Strength

M.S. Sport and Exercise Psychology, Certified Personal Trainer, National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Teacher (MBSR), Certified Yoga Teacher, Certified Wellness Coach, EXOS Performance Specialist, USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach

XterraFit 2: Free one hour class limited to 30 participants.

Saturday, August 6th 12:00 PM pre-run and 12:30 pm class @ Hot on Yoga, Colorado Springs

Pre-run dynamic stretch.
The 2 mile group fun run prior to class will be hosted by the BOULDER RUNNING COMPANY - COLORADO SPRINGS

Post-run dynamic cool down and corrective suggestions based on typical muscle imbalances.

In our first session we focused on the foot as our foundation, learned about our personal habit patterns of weight distribution, and how we strike the ground can a profound effect on the entire body. We learned how to ‘fire up’ the foot and strengthen intrinsic muscles of the foot in order put the foot in the best position to receive “ground reactive forces.”

In our second meeting, we will review the foundation as it relates to typical muscle imbalances in the foot, and progress up the “kinetic chain” of your body to meet the needs of each joint in a post-run dynamic cool down.

XterraFit 3: Free one hour class limited to 30 participants.

Saturday, August 20th 12:00 PM @ Hot on Yoga, Colorado Springs
The 2 mile group fun run prior to class will be hosted by the BOULDER RUNNING COMPANY - COLORADO SPRINGS

Post-run dynamic stretch - (movement preparation)

Pre-Run Preparation for the neuromuscular system to take advantaged of the body’s natural ability to spring into action. Session 3 will consist of a brief review of the principles and movements presented in weeks 1 and 2, but focus mainly on reactive movements to prepare the body for impact upon running.

NOTE:Those interested in movement screening to determine how to train for movement efficiency and running longevity may set up a time with Jordan for one complimentary session.


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